Our quality policy states: “C&J Cladding strives to maintain a culture in which quality and safety are the cornerstone focus of our business. Our employees are empowered to make quality their highest priority and they are rewarded for achieving Company quality objectives.” C&J has proven its commitment to quality by achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification of its quality management system for all operating locations.

All business processes have been designed with quality in mind. When a quality problem is discovered, C&J works collaboratively with customers, engineers, and outside experts to determine the root cause and solve it. Quality is consistently and thoroughly monitored through a 100% traceability process as overseen by C&J’s in-house Welding Engineering, Quality Team, and Certified Welding Inspectors. The objective is to achieve continuous improvement of our quality management system on an on-going basis.


Although our ISO certification is proof of a world recognized quality system, often our customers have higher requirements than this general quality standard. We have developed processes and procedures to meet a mix of customer requirements. We are on every major Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Approved Vendor List in the Oil & Gas industry and recognized as the “Gold Standard” for quality. We have even participated in consulting for our customers and the OEM’s on their own internal quality processes to share best practices for our highly technical services.


While all C&J Cladding welders and welding operators are qualified to either ASME Section IX or other customer required standards, these general qualification practices are not enough. We have developed rigorous training programs for all aspects of our business that exceed the industry requirements for welding. When you are viewed as the “Gold Standard” for your industry you must find ways to always improve your training and development plan for employees.


We have found the most effective way to drive quality is with motivated and engaged employees. We treat our employees equally and encourage participation in the development of new processes. Quarterly meetings are held to discuss opportunities for improvement and to ensure all members of the C&J team are updated on our Quality performance.

To prove to our employees that Quality is of the highest importance, we put our money where our mouth is:

  • Quarterly Team Quality Bonus – Earn up to $500/quarter for perfect quality
  • Annual Performance Bonus – Earn up to 5% of annual salary for meeting annual goals (safety, quality, productivity)
  • We often run other Quality Bonus promotions to ensure a high focus on quality
    • Bass Boat Give Away – 2015
    • Perfect Quality $10,000 Bonus – 2010
    • Quarterly Prizes and Awards for top performance – ongoing


ISO 9001:2015

ASME BPVC Section VIII – “U” Stamp

ASME BPVC Section VIII – “R” Stamp

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