About C&J Cladding


From our humble beginnings with a single machine in a shed behind a fabrication shop to one of the highest regarded Oil & Gas cladding companies in the world, C&J Cladding has stayed true to our core – “Technical Welding Solutions”. We were founded in 1995 by a welder who had the entrepreneurial foresight to see a need for independent specialty cladding in the Oil & Gas industry. During this time the automated GTAW cladding process was in its infancy, and C&J Cladding took on the challenge of developing this process in partnership with the OEMs who required it. We have established and maintained great relationships with the technical experts at the OEMs and continue to be part of the development of new processes for this industry.

For the next 12 years, the original founder grew the company staying focused on automated GTAW cladding for Oil & Gas applications. In 2007 the business was acquired by two industry leaders who saw the potential to take C&J Cladding to the next level. At this time the business was operating 24 hours a day, and running 12 automated cladding systems. Over the next 7 years, the new ownership stayed true to our customer base and grew to a staggering 28 automated cladding systems. Also during this time, the business developed new custom equipment and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Processes and quality systems were also improved with the addition of technical expertise (Welding Engineering & Certified Welding Inspectors) to the staff to strengthen our abilities.

In 2014 C&J Cladding was acquired by Ellwood Group Inc. which is a 110+ year old, family owned business with a main focus on Steel Making and Forging. C&J was added to the group as an independent business unit with the purpose of staying true to its core philosophy of Technical Welding Solutions. The role of C&J is to be the Center of Excellence for Welding for the group, and to help develop cutting-edge processes for customers across all industries. Over the past several years we have invested in new equipment, process, and capabilities; all with the goal of staying true to our core philosophy of Technical Welding Solutions. We continue to support our Oil & Gas customer base with great quality and service, and are quickly growing our reputation in other industries as a welding center of excellence for difficult or complicated welding requirements.


While a significant portion of our business is still cladding for the Oil & Gas industry, we have recognized the need to evolve our capabilities. Over the past several years, C&J Cladding has added many new technical welding processes to our service offering and expanded into many different markets. When we identify a new process or technique where a market needs high-level quality and service, we approach it differently than most companies. Our philosophy is to perfect a new process before taking it to market in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for our customers. We spend significant time and money on development of these new processes to ensure a full understanding of the requirements and to prove the results are acceptable and repeatable. We will continue to develop new Technical Welding Solutions for our customers for years to come and welcome any requests for any industry where welding and a high level of quality and service are required.