technical welding solutions

C&J Cladding LLC is the recognized leader in cladding subsea, surface, offshore and marine wellhead production components. Since 1995, C&J has provided expert welding and post weld heat treatment services to global oilfield equipment manufacturers and a network of world-class machine shops.

Recognized for its technical expertise as GTAW-P-HW (Pulsed, Hotwire, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) specialists, C&J is also known for quality and superior service. C&J is committed to meeting customers and end users production requirements
with custom engineered welding solutions.


C&J understands that our customers rely on us to achieve quality standards and to meet key project delivery dates. To meet customer needs, C&J operates 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday with a half day on Saturday. C&J is closed on Sundays.

C&J is customer and schedule-focused. We have gained the respect of our customers by reliably meeting delivery dates. While rigid in adhering to delivery dates, the Company is agile and flexible to help customers through their emergency needs. C&J recognizes that these high-stress times are inevitable. Our ability to call on a team of expert welders to operate 23 machines 24 hours per day, works in our customers’ favor. 


Customers partner with C&J Cladding for our core expertise in metals, welding, heat treating and project management. We make it our business to understand our customers’ needs. Based on our collective experience, C&J will provide advice relating to materials, welding procedures and heat treatment. We coordinate our customers’ third-party inspections with our production schedules to optimize efficiency.