technical welding solutions

C&J Cladding LLC is the recognized leader in cladding subsea, surface, offshore and marine wellhead production components. Since 1995, C&J has provided expert welding and post weld heat treatment services to global oilfield equipment manufacturers and a network of world-class machine shops.

Recognized for its technical expertise as GTAW-P-HW (Pulsed, Hotwire, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) specialists, C&J is also known for quality and superior service. C&J is committed to meeting customers and end users production requirements
with custom engineered welding solutions.


Cladding is a process of fusion bonding corrosion-resistant alloys or hard surface alloys onto a base metal. It is a technical process requiring strong expertise in materials, welding and heat-treating. Cladding requires an investment in computer-automated precision welding systems, extensive training and machining knowledge. C&J also performs various base metal restorations and automated submerged arc welding.

BP Atlantis Offshore Platform | Gulf of Mexico

BP Atlantis Offshore Platform | Gulf of Mexico


  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) protect wetted surfaces of wellhead equipment and pressure containing seals from erosion and corrosion caused by well fluids passing through them.
  • Cladding extends the component’s operating life significantly over its normal operating life expectancy. 
  • Clad components require fewer replacements or repairs, and provide long-term service value.


Applications used for deepwater production, development and service are constantly evolving. Working with our customers, OEMs and E&Ps, C&J engineering has developed more than 200 technical Welding Procedure Specifications to meet the changing needs of the market.

As oil and gas exploration and production moves into deep and ultra-deep waters, the higher temperatures and greater pressures require new component designs, new materials and continued welding procedure development. While ultra-deep water exploration pushes the technology envelope, C&J is positioned to meet more technically challenging market needs. C&J also supports cladding requirements for surface shale gas development, for both corrosion resistant overlay and hard surfacing.