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C&J Cladding LLC is the recognized leader in cladding subsea, surface, offshore and marine wellhead production components. Since 1995, C&J has provided expert welding and post weld heat treatment services to global oilfield equipment manufacturers and a network of world-class machine shops.

Recognized for its technical expertise as GTAW-P-HW (Pulsed, Hotwire, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) specialists, C&J is also known for quality and superior service. C&J is committed to meeting customers and end users production requirements
with custom engineered welding solutions.

C&J Announcement

November 5, 2014

To our valued customers:

 C&J Cladding is pleased to announce that we are taking the next step in our evolution, as we continue to grow and adapt to the demanding Oil & Gas Industry needs.

 As of November 1st, C&J Cladding became a stand-alone Division of Ellwood Group Inc.  C&J will remain dedicated to serving its machining base and OEM customers.  The entire management team, led by Bill Lawrence, Jeff Hoye and John Andreadis will remain in place.  With this acquisition, C&J combines its expertise in automated CRA cladding with Ellwood’s world-class steel making and forging capabilities, to better serve you.

 Ellwood Group Inc., founded in 1910, is a privately held, family company, with nine business units and twenty-five manufacturing locations, all dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality, engineered, heavy metal products. Ellwood has deep technical capability to support the evolving Oil & Gas market needs.

 C&J Cladding remains committed to being the industry leader in providing technical welding solutions.




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